Lucinda Carlstrom


Artist Statement


As technology becomes more and more important in the world, I feel that people, particularly in the large urban areas, are loosing touch with each other and becoming more and more detached.  I believe handmade objects tie us to our history and that they possess a universal spirit which reaches out to people of all cultures and unites our human-ness and connects with our souls.


So much of what we see, buy, eat and use is disposable, mass-produced, machine generated and/or impersonal.  It is cranked out by unknown and uncaring hands or inhuman humming machines from who knows where in the world.  I believe, as a civilization, we are moving further and further away from individuality.  I cherish the objects which come from the hands and hearts of real artists and craftsmen.  I feel that their uniqueness gives them the ability to visually sing.  The thought of just making something wonderful that takes incredible amounts of time and effort, just for the artists joy of doing it, satisfies my soul.  I hope it satisfies your soul and connects to you in some way also.  History remembers civilizations by their arts.  I hope that our future is not measured by our cold machines and computers.  I try, in my own small way, to create and leave something on this earth with my art that will withstand the test of time.  With that, I feel that my life will be well lived.